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Sneaky Journalists Catching Car Tests- Some New Rides Coming Soon

Written by Gus Wilson

Extra, extra, read all about it, the upcoming reiteration of the Ford Bronco is being spotted more frequently out in the open and what’s this? Oh, would you look at that, there’s a new spy photo of a Chevrolet C8 Corvette doing some emissions testing? Looks like manufactures are testing enough cars to fill up Lambeau Field so it’s time to go over a few unreleased cars that were spotted out in the open that are coming to the U.S. because we don’t get Opel’s (German), Skoda’s (Czech), Dacia’s (Romanian), and SEAT’s (Spanish) since they are either not available due to the lack of market or their parent company doesn’t want two of their own brands to compete with one another. Most of those cars are just rebadged vehicles from their parent companies with some subtle differences here and there. Even though manufactures like Audi, BMW, Fiat, Volkswagen, Kia, and Hyundai have a market in the U.S. they don’t bring every model here due to the high standards the government hold to auto manufactures. But why bother going over those if it’s just going to get harder to see and they are irrelevant to the U.S. market, so without further ado time to look at some new vehicles.

First up to bat is the Audi RS3 sedan which was caught winter testing in northern Europe wearing camouflage all over the body of the car and is looking quite handsome (if I can say that about a car) with 394 horsepower routed through the infamous Audi Quattro all-wheel drive system making this small four-door sedan a vicious German Boxer ready to take out its rival dog breeds. The car comes standard with a top speed of 155mph with the electronic limiter but the limiter can be removed to increase the top speed to 174mph. Like I said it is vicious.

Audi RS3 Sedan Prototype

Second up is the Ford Bronco which is back after 26 long years and hasn’t changed much like that friend from high school or college that you find out can still talk like an alien. The Bronco has been spotted driving around and going off-road numerous times with camouflage wrapped around concealing this vehicle’s long anticipated return to the Ford line up. The Bronco will come in two different sizes which will end up in two different segments but both will be pretty capable off road. The Bronco is set to release this year but a date is not set yet. It will have four- and six-cylinder engine options with no diesel engine option confirmed yet. The full-size Bronco will be based on the Ranger pickup truck and the Bronco Sport is rumored to be based upon the mechanical components of the Ford Escape.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport

Third up is the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series supercar which was spotted testing in northern Europe which sounds like a dream and what makes the dream even better is that the prototype testing in the north is supposedly a U.S. specification model. The car has a wing that seems similar to their race car version of the GT. The car will be lighter with the addition of carbon fiber components, more powerful a new 4.0L twin-turbo V8 pumping out over 700+hp, and a whole host of upgrades to make the car perform like the beast it already is.

2021 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

I feel that I have to be sensible writing this article because not everyone cares about the next high performance car that is $500,000 with a big wing on the back and 2,000hp that causes the rear-wheels to spin through the first three gears. So I bring exciting news about Hyundai, yeah I have exciting news about Hyundai and it is about their Kona small crossover which is supposedly going to get an N performance variant for the track or just an N-Line package for the street. The N performance variant would be mainly for the track and setting some fast laps whereas the N-Line trim is a more street oriented performer that isn’t meant to set blistering lap times at the track. The Kona could get up to 275hp from the Hyundai Veloster N which is the only car so far in Hyundai’s line up that gets the full N treatment. The Kona would get wheels similar to the Veloster N and an exhaust that makes a lot of noise when rolling through the gears. There are no details that have surfaced about when the Kona N variant will be released or what the price is but it is believed that it will cost at around $30,000 which is the same price as the Veloster N.

Hyundai Kona Nurburgring Test

Those are a couple cars and SUV’s that have been testing this month so there are some good vehicles lined up for later this year into early next year. This is an uplifting thing to see and can maybe give some hope that good things will come this year as well as next year. Please wash your hands and stay healthy!

Featured image taken by: Chris Doane Image found on: Article written by: Dan Carney

Image taken by: Car Pix Image found on: Article written by: Adrian Padeanu

Image taken by: Image found on: Article written by: Chris Bruce

Image taken by: Car Pix Image found on: Article written by: Adrian Padeanu

Image taken by: Image found on: Article written by: Chris Bruce

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