How to Stay Positive During Quarantine

Written by Addie Johnson

At first, I really enjoyed this time away from school. I got to sleep in a lot, spend time with my family, and watch TONS of Netflix. However, doing absolutely nothing day after day can get very boring, very quickly, and I have really been missing human interaction. I have spent the last week trying to figure out what I can do to stay positive.

Although I have been busy with online school and working, I make sure to take time out of each day to do something I enjoy. For me, I play guitar, bake, or watch “Grey’s Anatomy” with my family. It is important to make sure that even though you are stuck inside, you can still do something that you enjoy.

Get some fresh air. Just because you’re supposed to be social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside. Walk your dog, go on a run, or just sit outside with a book. Being outside can keep you from feeling like you’re cooped up in your house all the time. Fresh air is vital to staying positive.

Talk to people. Whether it’s FaceTiming your friends, calling your grandparents, or just hanging out with your family at home, talking to people will make this quarantine so much better. Just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean you have to completely cut yourself off from the world. Plan times to talk to your friends. Play iMessage games together or watch a movie with Netflix Party.

Do all the things you’ve been too busy to do. If there is something you have always wanted to learn how to do, now’s the time! There’s not much you can do while quarantined all day, so you might as well do it now. Rearrange your room, do a project, or maybe even do something fun with your hair… no one will see it if it doesn’t turn out right.

Enjoy this time off. As much as it stinks to be away from school and all your friends, life will go back to normal soon. Make the most of this time while you have it.


Photos By: Polina Tankilevitch, Binti Malu

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