How to Stay Organized with Online Classes

Written by Addie Johnson

With so many teachers sending out so many different assignments, each with a totally different due date and time, it can be hard to stay organized. However, throughout the past three weeks, I have done some digging to find ways to stay organized and have figured out what works for me.

My favorite way to keep track of homework assignments and due dates is by using the MyHomework app. It allows you to put in your assignments for each class, set due dates and what time they are due, and even set reminders to push you to actually start your homework earlier than 11:30 on Tuesday nights. I love being able to check things off a list, so I would recommend using an app like this, or even a calendar, to keep track of exactly what needs to be done each day. Making sure to check your email and Moodle page is viral, since that is where the teachers post their assignments. I would recommend checking both of these at least twice a day to make sure you aren’t missing anything important.

I would also recommend going to the Zoom meetings that your teachers set up. Even if they are optional, being in a discussion with your teacher and classmates can help you understand the material that you are learning better, and can allow you to be motivated to actually do the work. It is easier to get assignments done if you understand the material and have talked through it with your teacher. I like to try to work through the assignment while my teachers are explaining it so I can see if there is a specific part that I have more questions on.

Print off your notes. Although it is easy to just ignore the notes altogether, at some point you will have a test online. Moodle tests are often timed, and if you aren’t familiar with the material, you won’t have time to be searching through your notes through the answers. Printing off the notes allows you to more easily read through them, annotate, and highlight the important information.

Set up specific time frames to work on each subject. Treat online school like a normal school day and stick to a set schedule. Get up at the same time every day. It can be a few hours later than it would be for a normal school day, but keeping a routine is vital to staying organized and getting your work done on time. Then, you can go in order of your class schedule and work on homework for each class for an hour, or whatever set period of time you think you need. If you finish early, take a break or move onto the next class, and between each class take a break.

Make sure to prioritize. If you have an assignment that you know will take a while to finish, don’t leave it until an hour before it’s due. Start it the day it is assigned. And if the workload gets to be too much, don’t be afraid to reach out to your teachers to ask for extra time. I cannot promise that they will give it, but from my experience, the teachers have been more than willing to help out and be flexible. However, do not rely on this and just leave your homework until the last minute. I try to do things as soon as they are assigned unless I am working, because I know that I will get more work, and that if I leave it until the last minute, it will just stress me out and will not be my best work. If you leave your work to the last minute, you will just be concerned about getting it in by the deadline instead of making sure it is done well and that you understand what you are doing.

One of the things I have struggled with the most is keeping track of all the documents and assignments that I am downloading from emails or Moodle. I find that having a separate folder for each class on my desktop helps me to know where everything is. When you download a document, immediately save it to the correct folder, and name it in a way that you will know exactly what it is. When you are finished with the assignment, add “-completed” to the end of the name so you can keep track of what you still need to do.

Online school can be difficult to get a hang of, but creating a system for yourself can make it so much easier, and even make it more like the break from school that you’ve been wishing for the past six months.



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