Stay Active!

Written by Addie Johnson

Being stuck in your house all the time is no fun, so it is important to make sure you find ways to stay active, even during the quarantine.

It’s really hard to stay focused on schoolwork when you are just sitting at home all the time, so getting outside is a necessity during this time, whether it is playing a game in your backyard, laying in a hammock, or going for a run. I have been going on a lot of walks with my mom recently, and it keeps us from going stir crazy and allows us to get a little extra exercise.

It is also important to your health that you stay active. There are many resources that can help you stay active, specifically YouTube videos that present a yoga class or go through a workout with you. There are options for everyone, at any level of difficulty. Improvise weights with things you have around your house, or play active games with younger siblings.

Exercise is also good for your mental health, as it allows you to concentrate on your work, along with improving your mood and decrease stress levels. Exercise gives you more energy and also allows for a better night of sleep, which enables you to wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to continue your schoolwork the next day.

Quarantine is not ideal for any of us, but while we are in this situation, we have to learn how to make the best of it and stay happy and healthy. Staying active is just one of the many ways to do this. Even the smallest bit of physical activity each day can make a huge difference.

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