Things to Make You Smile During Quarantine :)

Written by Addie Johnson

Throughout these past few weeks, everyone’s main goal has been to stay positive. Everyone is doing what they can to stay happy and smiling through this time. Recently, there have been many events on social media and on TV. My family has really enjoyed participating in these events to keep ourselves positive.

I have several friends and family members who have had birthdays during the quarantine. Although they were able to celebrate with their family, they all said that they wished they were able to go out with their friends to celebrate as well. Because of this, birthday parades have become popular. Friends and family decorate their cars and drive past the person’s house to celebrate them on their special day. I have participated in a few of these parades and have heard from friends that it has made them so happy and cheered them up so much. My family and I even drove to Illinois today to participate in one of these parades for my cousin.

Another thing that has made me smile during this quarantine was the John Legend home concert. Many concerts and other big events have been cancelled due to Coronavirus, and artists are trying to make up for it. My family and I had a ton of fun watching this short concert, along with the daily live streams from some of our other favorite bands and singers.

One of the highlights of this quarantine was the Disney Sing-A-Long. My family and I all got together in the living room and watched the whole thing, with my aunt on FaceTime. It was a ton of fun for all of us, with songs from all sorts of Disney movies, from Pinocchio to High School Musical (my personal favorite). Although there was a lot of judgement from one of my younger sisters, the rest of the family loved getting to sing along to some of our favorite songs.

Although quarantine is not ideal, there are so many things you can do to stay positive and keep smiling! 🙂


Photos by: Christine Johnson, Getty Images

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