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80’s Mustang Seen In A New Light- New Mustang Drift Car Coming Soon

Written by Gus Wilson

There are a lot of crazy personalities in the automotive world, some names like Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Corolla, Paul Newman, Chris Harris, Tanner Foust, or Jeremy Clarkson may ring a bell. There is one name however that Ford, Subaru, and Can-Am owners know well, Ken Block. Ken is a race car driver in one of the more dangerous motorsports the world has to offer, rally racing which is a quick and tricky race against the clock across gravel or snowy surfaces. Ken does more than just rally racing for a career as he is famous for his precision driving videos on YouTube called Gymkhana which started off in 2008 when Ken was just three years into his career. Gymkhana is automotive sport or motorsport which consists of a complex course that is laid out in a way to test a driver’s skills by doing figure-8’s, 180 degree spins, drifting, tight slalom courses, and donuts around forklifts, cranes, or segways.

Ken however takes this motorsport to another level as he travels to locations all over the world with his rally cars or specially built cars like his all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang nicknamed the Hoonicorn. The car is truly breath taking in its v2 specification climbed or should I say slid up Pikes Peak summit on the Rocky Mountains in Colorado for the video Climbkhana. The car was a handful but fact is when there is 1,400hp being sent through all four wheels that have little to no grip even in top gear. Ken has a significant amount of Ford vehicles in his garage which makes sense when he is sponsored by Ford Performance Parts with most of them being some iteration of the Ford Fiesta, Focus, F-Series trucks, Escort, and RS200. It only makes sense for him to have another Ford model which just so happens to be another iteration of the Mustang but this one is from the late 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s.

Last month, Ken Block unveiled the concept design for the next Hoonigan project which is going to be a Ford Mustang Foxbody that will be all-wheel drive, wide-bodied, and some type of powertrain. This car will be another first in a world where mustangs are commonly modified but kept as a two-wheel drive set up. The car is designed by Ash Thorp who also designed the new Batmobile for the upcoming Batman film, The Batman and was took some design elements from other Mustangs especially one that was raced in the German Touring Car series or DTM back in the late 80’s which it didn’t do too well in. The car is still a digital concept and will be for a little while until the air clears. I think the world cannot wait for the car to become a reality but it is anyone’s guess as to what the car will be called. Will it be called the Hoonifox or something else? Who knows aside from Ken and the people involved with the project.

1980's Ford Mustang Foxbody Hoonifox Concept

, 1980’s Ford Mustang Foxbody Hoonifox Concept

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