Written by Addie Johnson

My sister is going to be a freshman next year. I am so excited to hear about her time at Dominican, and I have been giving her lots of advice on what to expect and how to prepare. There are five main things I’ve told her are super important to being successful in high school based on my experience.

  1. Get involved in everything you can. I was involved in theatre and choir all through high school. There are theatre productions spanning almost the whole year, so I never really had time to do a sport or any other extracurricular activities. However, if you play a sport that only spans one season, I would totally recommend doing another sport and theatre production. I told my sister to get involved in everything she could as soon as she could. Getting involved right away in the fall, especially as a freshman, allows you to meet people with similar interests and find a group of friends more quickly and super easily.
  2. Take advantage of all of the leadership opportunities you can. One of my biggest mistakes at Dominican was not getting involved in campus ministry, service committee, or as a retreat leader. I know I missed out on some amazing opportunities by not getting involved in these things, and it definitely would have helped me get into some more of the competitive colleges I had applied to. I was too nervous to go to the meetings, and I wish someone had forced me to go right away in my freshman year.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The teachers at Dominican are incredible. They want you to succeed and are always willing to help to make sure you thrive in the class. The resource period was the perfect time to go meet with these teachers to make sure that I was fully understanding the material. There are times that my grades would have improved significantly if I had just talked to my teachers for more explanation.
  4. Take AP classes, but know your limits. AP classes are great. They go into more detail than regular classes and are usually smaller classes. All of the AP classes I have taken have been super fun, and I would highly recommend them; however, make sure you know how much you can handle. I took too many difficult classes in my junior year, and, along with my extracurricular, I was not able to stay on top of my workload and my grades ended up suffering. Although these classes are great and beneficial for learning more about subjects that interest you, I would make sure to think about how many you can handle at one time.
  5. Stay away from the drama. There were several instances during my time in high school that were plagued with drama. Looking back on it, it was silly and unnecessary drama that could have easily been solved, often with some basic communication. One of the biggest things that I have told my sister is to stay away from the drama and to just enjoy her time at Dominican.

Dominican is an incredible school that gives its students so many opportunities, and it is almost impossible not to be successful at this school My time at Dominican has been the best four years of my life, and I wish someone had given me these tips as an incoming freshman.

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