Written by Addie Johnson

I have always had a problem with procrastination. Now with online school, it has been much easier to procrastinate. Procrastination is not a great idea for students, especially those with difficult classes and lots of homework.

Procrastination is not just being lazy and not wanting to do assignments. It often occurs due to a lack of motivation. Most people don’t want to procrastinate, and they feel bad when they do; however, a negative feeling that surrounds the idea of homework causes people to avoid doing it as long as possible. This means that, although procrastination sometimes does occur due to laziness or lack of efficiency, it is not necessarily a time management problem. There have also been studies that show that procrastination is a genetically inheritable trait, so if your parents are procrastinators, then chances are, you will be one too.

Procrastination can have many negative outcomes. It can result in lower grades on assignments and tests, as you are not learning the material as thoroughly. The dropping grades may lower self-esteem in the student. Procrastinating can cause students to have higher stress levels since they have to rush to get things done. Your memory can become overworked and will not take in information as easily.

In order to avoid procrastination, you can break the assignment you are avoiding into smaller, more easily achievable tasks. Plan ahead and figure out a system that works for you. Get rid of distractions and set up an award system for when you finish each task. Doing the hardest work first allows you to breeze through the easy assignments later, and you won’t have to worry or stress about the difficult assignments.

Although procrastination is not the smartest choice, you can learn from it. Procrastination allows people to learn how to work under pressure and severe time constraints, as well as learning from their mistakes. It can also teach people how to prioritize. I would never recommend procrastination, but it does happen, so it is better to learn from these mistakes.

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