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Car Poll, Again!

Written by Gus Wilson

I have created a poll for all of you to rank the best looking performance cars of the 1990s. Link to the poll:

Here is the list of cars:

1-BMW 850CSL

2-GMC Syclone

3-Toyota Supra

4-Porsche 911 Carrera RS

5-Acura NSX

6-Lamborghini Diablo

7-Ferrari F50

8-Mazda RX-7

9-Nissan 300ZX

10-Jaguar XJ220

11- Chevrolet C4 Corvette ZR1

12- Dodge Viper ACR

Featured image made by: Pockygallery Image found on:

Pictures taken by: Road & Track, GMC, Ron Perry, Silverstone Auctions, Brian Silvestro, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Road & Track, Nissan, Jaguar, John Lamm, & Dodge Pictures found on: Gallery made by: Brian Silvestro

About the author

Gus Wilson

Reporter and writer for the Gus car's section. I am an aspiring mechanical engineer and automotive journalist that really likes cars. This is the first car or truck oriented section of which I am happy to say that this is being written by a car fan for the community.