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Forbidden Fruit Gets Even More Desirable- Nissan Pickup Gets New Heart

Written by Gus Wilson

If you asked anyone the question, what’s the first thing you think of about the brand Nissan? Some would jump to the idea of boring economy cars, crossovers, large SUVs, and pickup trucks. To others, Nissan means sports cars and some rare cars only sold in Japan. One of those sports cars is the monster of YouTube, the Gran Turismo video games, and the drag strip. Yes, that’s right I am talking about the Nissan GT-R which is a personal favorite of mine for its unique exhaust note and being a new contender in the game back in 2008. Now this is kinda misleading because the title says “Nissan Pickup Gets New Heart,” and yet I’m talking about my favorite sports car, but this car will come up in a bit.

2009 Nissan GT-R

Engine swaps are a common way to get more power or to make something more unique to drive. It’s common to see cars with the engine from the late 90’s Toyota Supras, Corvette’s and Camaro’s, or a VR38 V6 engine from the Nissan GT-R? The VR38 has been swapped into older Nissan’s from the 1970s on up to some of the most recent models. Over in Europe, Nissan installed a GT-R engine into one of their small crossovers called the Nissan Juke and dubbed it the Juke-R. It has the whole drive train and it is crazy to drive which makes sense when it has 600hp along with all-wheel drive.

2015 Nissan Juke-R

Over in the U.K. one shop owned by a professional drifter by the name of Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni, is going to be swapping the entire GT-R drive train into a Nissan pickup truck called the Navara which is called the Frontier in the U.S. It is not going to remain stock though because the engine is going to be making 1,000hp, the truck is going to be lowered, and it is going to get some body modifications to make it stylish as well as handle well. The truck is going to be road legal and will be able tow his drift car which also happens to be a GT-R with a massive turbocharged GM racing motor. The truck is being built right now as all motorsports are being put on hold due to the Coronavirus. The truck will be interesting to see when it is finished but the rendering of it already has people fired up about it.

Featured Image Taken by: SB Motorsports Image found on: Article Written by: Caleb Jacobs

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Pictures Taken by: SB Motorsports Image found on: Article Written by: Caleb Jacobs

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