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Swapping Out the Engine-Senior Legacy Article

Written by Gus Wilson

Unfortunately my time has come at Dominican High School where I must leave to go on to college. It hurts my ears more to say that out loud then the Mazda Rotary engine powered race cars at Road America because I am going to miss being at Dominican, but I know that I am leaving to continue my academic career to eventually be writing articles again except for a car magazine or something like that. Instead of leaving this section with a smokey burnout like most car guys do, I want to write an article for my younger classmates to look to for some thoughts and advice for next year.

So my first piece of advice is the usual cliche which is be on time for class because it will create problems with trust over time between faculty members and your fellow students. I have had my fair share of late/tardy marks on my attendance record and have faced the consequences which stink like ethanol fumes. My second piece of advice is to be respectful of your teachers because they have zero patience for rude behavior and just bad behavior in general. Your teachers will be your biggest advocates as long as you show them the respect they deserve no matter whether you like them or not, but do not abuse it because they won’t give you an A+ just for being a super nice person.

My final thoughts to give to all of you are as follows:

  1. Participate in what ever sport, club, organization, or production you want because you will make friends over time and you can structure your time around it so you aren’t procrastinating over homework or projects.
  2. Do musical theater because it allows you to express yourself no matter what role you are given! I was in Mamma Mia this spring where I played the priest and decided to sound like a character from the show Spongebob Squarepants (I haven’t watched it for about 2-3 months).
  3. Don’t be afraid to stand out a bit and don’t be afraid to stick your hand out to meet some new people because they might end up being your best friend before you even realize it.
  4. Try to incorporate your interests into your classes! For example, I took an Environmental Science class and a Physics and Engineering class because I like cars which have a role in both classes.
  5. Last of all, don’t wear your earbuds in the hallway, no phones in class, bring your calculator with you at all times because you never know when the teacher asks a question related to math, and be nice to everyone even if they are a jerk to you.

Thank you so much Dominican High School for making my high school journey so much fun, brain melting, and embarrassing (in a funny way) at the same time. I leave all of this with you in hopes that the younger men and women in the next four classes represent Dominican in the best way possible. I should end this before I start getting all weepy,….too late!

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Reporter and writer for the Gus car's section. I am an aspiring mechanical engineer and automotive journalist that really likes cars. This is the first car or truck oriented section of which I am happy to say that this is being written by a car fan for the community.